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I am so glad you are here!

I wholeheartedly believe we are all resilient beings. This innate capacity is what compels us to fight and move forward despite adversity, traumas, and stress. I believe that we need to honor and appreciate ourselves and how we kept going; even if the way we did it was unhealthy for us. What matters is that you kept going. I am so glad you did!

In our work together, we will build on your resilience. We will do so by learning healthy tools to will help you work through challenges, by courageously facing and learning from your past, and by embracing your whole self. I will walk alongside you on this journey and create a space that is safe, warm, and nurturing. My hope is that in this space you will strengthen the resilience inside of you and cultivate a sense of belonging, agency, and wisdom.

Therapy Services: House Rules


A convenient, safe, and secure way to get the support you deserve. These sessions are available to anyone in the state of California, and can be done from your phone or computer over Wi-Fi!

I offer 50-minute sessions.

50-minute: $185

If you are looking to use your out of network benefits, I am happy to provide a superbill!

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